Reasons to Outsource Your I.T

Reasons to Outsource Your I.T. Support To Us



  • Regularly scheduled onsite visits by I.T. Professional(s)
  • Maintenance checklist and documentation that ensures consistent service delivery
  • Thorough documentation of your network
  • Your business goals are what direct our efforts
  • Server maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Workstation maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Virus Protection and Microsoft OS updates


  • Multiple I.T. Professionals
  • 24/7/365 (Always available)
  • Never Sick and Never on Vacation
  • Emergency response time of 2 hours or less guaranteed (our goal is less than 1 hour)
  • I.T. Professionals are available to answer your questions by phone when not onsite at your office
  • Increased flexibility for busy times, slow times, projects, upgrades
  • Will never quit because of career or job change like full time employee


  • No Interviewing process overhead, like full time employee
  • No Payroll tax overhead, like full time employee
  • No Vacation Pay overhead, like full time employee
  • No Workers Compensation overhead, like full time employee
  • No Training Cost overhead, like full time employee
  • No Performance Review overhead, like full time employee
  • No Background check overhead, like full time employee
  • Predictable Monthly budget
  • Don't mark up hardware or software that we recommend





  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Director of I.T. management oversight (MCSE)
  • Support Coordinator management oversight
  • Support Advisor management oversight
  • Follow Microsoft Standards and industry standard best practices
  • Support systems created to ensure items don't fall through the cracks


  • Microsoft Certified and Trained
  • Supported By One of the Top Ranked Support Groups Nationally
  • Not Learning on Your Time
  • Weekly Training and Review Meetings
  • We spend tens of thousands of dollars training each employee annually