Software As A Service (SAAS)

Hosted services are revolutionizing the way a business can deploy and deliver software solutions to employees and customers. Web based applications represent a significant leap forward from traditional client/server software. Your core business applications are instantly accessible from anywhere you can access the Internet and facilitate easy collaboration among all authorized users. There is no software to buy, install, or maintain, so it is fast and affordable to deploy. It's secure and private, and offers data backup and security based on industry best practices.

The Client/Server Model requires up front capital investment and ongoing operating expenses:

  • Perpetual Software Licensing fees – at time of purchase and yearly.
  • New hardware to purchase.
  • IT specialists required to implement and manage the applications.
  • Annual Maintenance/Support Contracts to purchase

The SaaS Hosted Model requires no or minimal capital investment and reduced operating expenses:

  • Low monthly subscription fee.
  • No or minimal hardware to purchase.
  • No software licences to purchase or manage.
  • Plug and play.
  • Minimal training required.
  • No ongoing maintenance expenses.
  • Self support or fully managed – your choice.

SaaS providers deliver a unique combination of rich and innovative features and total control. They provide continuous updates and feature upgrades - automatically and proactively - so your core business applications operate at peak efficiency, reliability, and availability while lowering your costs and risks. SaaS leverages a fully managed, virtualized environment that dynamically scales to support even the most intense workloads.

SaaS Benefits

  • Your time to deployment is significantly shorter.
  • Access – any time, any where from any web browser.
  • On time and on budget. Lower your TCO.
  • Risk management – success more quickly.
  • Application innovation cycle is shorter.
  • No software license management.
  • Provides significant benefits to your distributed workforce.
  • All your employees are on the same core platform.
  • Your IT staff are free from distraction and can concentrate on
    specialized in house applications.